You know how excited you get when you go to a big box store and find out there are samples on every aisle?! Weeeellll, guess what?! It’s sample day, every day, here at Tweek! Read on for more info!

That’s right folks…this sample books can be yours! How do you get one? Place an order totalling $15 or more and it’s yours for free1! Or, you can order one by itself for $10.

We had to give you a video of these guys because we want you to see how fun it is to flip through. And to see how cool they are of course. Duh. You’re probably wondering why we are so excited to share these with you….

Remember our recent post about our paper options? Our sample book takes that knowledge base to higher ground. We’ve printed different images on each sample. Seems unnecessary right? Well, this is because we want you to see examples that we think matches the paper so you can see the paper in it’s best light. And because we want you to imaging what your similar photographs/work would look like.

You can store these in a desk drawer really easily. You can fan them out to see a broad overview. You can even take it apart2 and look at pages right next to each other if they aren’t close in the book. And because you can take it apart we will even send you more pages as we add inventory to our options. The perfect paper can take a project from nice to wow(!) and we want to make sure you know exactly what your wow(!) is.

1 Why free?! Because knowing what is at your fingertips is really priceless anyway. Add the sample book to your cart or make a note in the comment section of your order so we know you’d like one!

2 If you’re organized enough to not lose one of the pages. Good luck!

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