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June 2017

Put it on Canvas!

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If you’re up to date on your reading you’ll see that we mentioned canvases in our Father’s Day Gift Guide. You didn’t order one then but you’re still thinking on it huh? Ok, we get it. Here’s some more info on these guys that may help you decide.

So you’ve seen canvas prints in your friends home and you wonder what the hype is about? Or, maybe you’ve heard no hype and are indifferent. We get that too. If you’d also remember we talked about a couple of options in our Father’s Day post that were instant gifts no prep necessary…well, a canvas is one of those.

With a canvas you can choose a size that might go in any space1 or something that makes a huge statement2…. Either way, no matter what you pick these items are printed, stretched on a frame and ready to hang. There is no stress trying to figure out what kind of frame the print would look best in or where it would look good hung. When you get your canvas print it will have a hanging wire along with a hanger attached to the frame. As for the placement, if the colors in your image don’t clash with your walls you’re pretty much set to hang it anywhere.

Here at Tweek every canvas that leaves our shop is covered in a protective coating that helps keep fingerprints, scuffs and the atmosphere at bay. This is not something we upsell. We just do this. Why? Because we want you to be happy with your product in the long-term. Now, you’re thinking, ‘but I really want a matte finish.’ Don’t worry. You’ll still have a matte finish even though we coat it. Or, maybe you prefer a glossy finish. We can do that too.

The frames we stretch our canvas around are made in house. This allows for a quicker turn-around, quality control, and, of course, customization.3 They are one and a half inches deep. This gives you a good amount of room to see the image wrapped and good visual depth once it is hung.

Maybe you’ve got a wedding photo you’ve been wanting to print. Or an updated family photo. Or maybe you love architectural photography…Tony says those look really nice on canvas. You can start small with an 8×8 to fill a fun little space or go real bold with a 16×20. Either way there’s a perfect size for any space and we’ll guarantee you won’t regret your purchase.

  1. Say an 8×8 or 8×10
  2. Like a 16×20 or larger
  3. We can also do custom orders…maybe you don’t want your canvas stretched. We can still print it with a border if you’d like.

Need a Sample?

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You know how excited you get when you go to a big box store and find out there are samples on every aisle?! Weeeellll, guess what?! It’s sample day, every day, here at Tweek! Read on for more info!

That’s right folks…this sample books can be yours! How do you get one? Place an order totalling $15 or more and it’s yours for free1! Or, you can order one by itself for $10.

We had to give you a video of these guys because we want you to see how fun it is to flip through. And to see how cool they are of course. Duh. You’re probably wondering why we are so excited to share these with you….

Remember our recent post about our paper options? Our sample book takes that knowledge base to higher ground. We’ve printed different images on each sample. Seems unnecessary right? Well, this is because we want you to see examples that we think matches the paper so you can see the paper in it’s best light. And because we want you to imaging what your similar photographs/work would look like.

You can store these in a desk drawer really easily. You can fan them out to see a broad overview. You can even take it apart2 and look at pages right next to each other if they aren’t close in the book. And because you can take it apart we will even send you more pages as we add inventory to our options. The perfect paper can take a project from nice to wow(!) and we want to make sure you know exactly what your wow(!) is.

1 Why free?! Because knowing what is at your fingertips is really priceless anyway. Add the sample book to your cart or make a note in the comment section of your order so we know you’d like one!

2 If you’re organized enough to not lose one of the pages. Good luck!

Tweeking Father’s Day

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Ya’ll know Tweek is always here looking out for you. In lots of ways…by giving you quality products, by giving you tips on how to think differently about printing your work…or like today by reminding you to start thinking of how you can make your Dad real happy this Father’s Day!1

What is this post you’re looking at? It’s our first Tweek Gift Guide! We’ve got five options at varying prices that would make a perfect gift or a perfect addition to an assortment of gifts.2 So, what are these options? We thought you’d never ask!

Total sidenote: Who are these random people in the images? Well, the dad’s of Tweek and their beautiful (not so) babies of course!

Gift Guide! Read on:

  1. Canvas: As seen above, a canvas doesn’t have to be this huge statement piece. Well, it’s still a statement piece but let’s just say it doesn’t have to take up your entire wall. Maybe dad has the perfect spot3 in his office or study or maybe even a workshop. We can leave the matte finish as printed or shine the canvas up a bit with a gloss finish. Gloss might be better if your pretty faces are going in Dad’s woodworking shop. These pictured are 8×8 at $35.43 a piece4.
  2. Classic Print: Of course you know we print photos. We just wanted to remind you. This awesome 8×10 will run you $6.95 on Sunset Photo Matte plus shipping4 and you can update any frame Dad already has or find the perfect fit on your own.
  3. Classic Print Matted: I think we would all recommend this over the classic print unless you are replacing the photo in a frame with a matte already. Going up a size in your frame option paired with a matte really classes this gift up.5 This is also an 8×10. Runs $9.73 plus shipping4.
  4. Mounted to foam core: Now, you’re thinking why? Well, because if you do this you can put a hanger on mounted print and be done OR you can throw it into a frame and know that years from now it is never going to bow or wrinkle inside that beautiful frame you picked out. Also a 8×10 shown at $9.73 or $12.23 mounted with a hanger on Sunset Photo Matte4.
  5. Black and White on French Paper: This idea is something Tony loses his mind about a little. And who can blame him? It’s a real cool alternative to your classic black and white photo.6 Remember how we taught you to float an image? This is what we’ve done here. The lighter paper in this image is called White Wash and it is a 9×6 image on 8×10 paper ($6.95). The darker paper is called Cement Green and it is an 8×10 on 11×14 paper ($9.63).4

Sure we want to take your money but most of all we want you to preserve those memories with and for Dad. Even more fun is sending us an old negative or print that needs restoring and giving him a print of that. You’ll really surprise him. Yeah, we can do that for you. Remember Bill? Ok, that’s another post for another time. Just remember Dad this Father’s Day and give him something he can hold on to for years to come.

  1. The big day is June 18th. Deadlines for shipped Tweek orders is June 14th. If you’re a southerner like us and want to pick your order up…place your order by the 15th and pick it up on the 16th!
  2. Look at you big spenda! Dad definitely deserves the love.
  3. Large or small start an order to see all of our canvas sizes.
  4. Free shipping for any order of $35 or more!!
  5. This is a photo printed from a half-frame negative. Yep, we can do cool things like that. Half-frames are our friends!
  6. No, we aren’t saying that you should replace your beautiful black and white photographs with this just in addition to. We’d never ask you to let go of your classic B&W. Never.